Introducing Princess Cove

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Princess Cove is a new launch happening right beside CIQ in Johor Bahru, featuring a mega development in a super convenient location. This is developed by Hong Kong listed R&F properties, and is not to be missed!

Featuring a mixed development with shopping mall, condomonium and many green facilities, Princess Cove is the project you have been waiting for!

Booking starts in July 2014 for phase 1, so for the best price, remember to place your bookings today before price goes up for phase 2!

The Bridge Cambodia (1)

The Bridge Cambodia (2)



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If the Laser eye surgery process is effective, the affected person would likely attain 20/20 vision. The corneas of the eye are reshaped till such a level in which the eye-sight is fixed. There may be difficulties, therefore it is critical that the individual do as instructed of the medical professional. Generally there are a couple of do’s as well as do not’s that the affected person really should adhere to so as to keep their own eyes safe and sound. You will need to make sure eye drops is frequently put on the eye. The sufferer will need to put on sun shades in order to stop the eye from taking a look at bright things. The affected person really should stick to every one of these recommendations with accuracy because they are for the well being of the particular affected individual.

Myopia implies near-sightedness, while hyperopia means far-sightedness. But not many people can accurately explain astigmatism. Astigmatisms also affect the corneal light refraction, however they cause visuals symptoms like starbursts, halos, decreased night eye-sight, and ghost pictures.

Lasik eye surgery is usually a surgical treatment in which they will be no pain sensed. Nevertheless there may be difficulties through the recovery process. This could lead to the eye not to recuperate adequately and for that reason not arrive at ideal eye-sight. When these kinds of problems happen, the person should search for remedy at the optometrist right away. It is consequently critical that one locates the correct eye doctor. Recommendations of acquaintances who have been subject to eye medical operation works well in discovering an excellent health care doctor. Otherwise, there are actually ready sources available in the net. One can furthermore find out more from the very best resource lasik eye surgery manual in singapore.

For those who are not suitable for Lasik, there is also other treatments such as PRK or Lasek.

There is typically no issue in locating the best eye surgeon in Singapore. Laser eye surgery in Singapore is without a doubt heavily regulated and have a strong reputation. There are many expert and high quality ophthalmologist in Singapore. This can be observed from the results of surgical operations. This is also on account of Singapore being a professional medical centre. In addition to that, Singapore leads most of Asia in healthcare, especially for Lasik. This comprise of world-class facilities and excellent specialists. Singapore is actually for sure the only real destination for laser eye surgeries.

Vantage Bay is the new mega launch in Iskandar Malaysia developed by Singapore listed company called Rowsley. With a land size of close to 1 million square feet, Vantage Bay Iskandar  is a massive integrated development that combines waterfront living with a medical hub that will allow Singaporeans to use their CPF, a mega shopping and entertainment mall, commercial offices and a hotel. It is a just a very short distance away from the Johor Bahru City Centre and the johor bahru checkpoint. On top of this, its location is very likely to be near the future RTS (rapid Transport System) that connects directly to the Singapore’s MRT Station

Vantage Bay

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Skies Vantage Bay

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Skies Vantage Bay

Skies Vantage Bay

Skies Vantage Bay is the next Iskandar launch development marketed in Singapore. To be launched very soon in Q2 2014, this project is located just minutes from the JB checkpoint.

Skies Vantage Bay will be the very first property to be launched in Vantage Bay Iskandar Johor Bahru, the much anticipated holistic integrated project just across from Singapore. It is jointly developed by a high profile Singapore billionaire and the Johor Royal Family, and they are set to become a major powerhouse developer in Malaysia’s Iskandar region. Through his firm Rowsley, he secured the 22 acres of prime seafront land for Vantage Bay launch for $284 million in February 2013. It is here where the gated city that includes a medical complex will be built to cater to all who needs healthcare at Vantage Bay Medical Hub.

This property investment is not to be missed!

House Of Imagination by Lester Chia

House Of Imagination by Lester Chia

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